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Exclusive For Cincinnati Residents...
($197 VALUE)
NOW $70.00
Learn How To Avoid The Failure Cycle & Discover Your Personal Fitness Success Plan Once And For All!
How Excited Would You Be If You Were Given The Perfect Plan That Would Help You Finally Accomplish Your Fitness Goals?
Friend, whether you were directed here from one of our successful clients or you discovered one our newsletters... I'm grateful to have you here with me today.

My name is Chris Farrell and I help men and women in Cincinnati to reclaim their energy levels, create confident bodies and stay safe doing it!

I want you to know that improving your health and fitness is 100% your decision. How much longer until you decide it's your time?

In order to attain success in any area of your life, you need to have a proven plan and strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes I see  people make is starting a workout or diet without creating a Personal Fitness Success Map first.
Would you agree that having a road map to follow would greatly improve and almost guarantee your chances of accomplishing your goals?
5 Steps To Creating Your Fitness Success Plan
Your Invitation...

I want to invite you to join me for a Fitness Success Mapping Session + WORKOUT! ($197 value) where I'll personally create a customized road map of the exact steps you need to take to finally reach your goals!

During your Success Mapping Session, we are going get you clarity and confidence using our 5 Step Discovery Process.

Once We Have The Foundation, We'll Focus On 3 Things...
It's Really That Simple...
With abundant energy and nutrition, you'll be able to eliminate the constant bloated feeling and tap into your own bodies fat storages...

With a stronger body, you'll feel decades younger and your muscles will look and feel tone...

 And once you've built momentum, reaching your goals becomes easy!
Are You Ready To Get Your Success Plan?
Friend, If you're 100% serious about attaining optimal health and fitness in 2017, then claim your Fitness Success Mapping Session today.

Together, let's make your first step the right step!

To claim your Fitness Success Mapping Session, simply fill out the application below and we'll contact you to schedule your first session today.

We are conveniently located 4424 Floral Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45212 (Down the street from Rookwood Shopping Centers)
You may also contact us directly at (513) 908-2800
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you located?
4424 Floral Avenue Cincinnati,Ohio 45212
Is there a cost for the Fitness Success Mapping Session?
Yes, $70.00 paid prior to the session to reserve the time block.
Can I contact you if I have questions?
Absolutely, we try and stay as accesible as possible.
What happens after this session?
After the session, we are happy to present what it looks like to be apart of the Farrell Fit Fam on a more consistent basis.
What Our Clients Think About Us
"Chris has an uncanny ability to motivate"
Review By Peter Carreno
"I've been working out at Farrell Fit for almost a year now and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Chris has an uncanny ability to motivate people and you're always excited to find out what the next challenge is.

 The tone Chris sets is fun and not intimidating at all. Working out at Farrell Fit is always the best part of my week. Since I've started I've not only lost weight and gotten in better shape, but I've got more energy than I can ever remember having. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Farrell Fit to anyone that is looking to improve their quality of life by getting in shape!
"Chris has such a positive personality that makes you feel welcome and excited to work out!"
Review By Megan Cionni
"Chris' fitness phases are always different to keep things interesting while still pushing you to get an awesome workout every time! I love the small class size and the fitness center is always clean with top-of-the-line equipment!
Chris has such a positive personality that makes you feel welcome and excited to work out! I highly recommend Farrell Fit for anyone (no matter age, fitness level, etc.) looking for a fun, highly effective fitness routine!"
Review By Katie Hill
"Best  results from any workout program I have ever been involved with"

"It is definitely the best choice I have ever made in regards to working out. Chris works closely to make sure you are getting the best workout. I first started doing a challenge for a month, working out 3 days a week and I lost 5 inches from my waist and 14 lbs. I could not believe it. Best results from any workout program that I have ever been involved with. Chris truly cares about your success. FARRELL FIT IS "AWESOME" WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! It is actually like a family. Very motivating. "

Review By Lisa Sheneman
" Chris has been my trainer now for almost two years and I look forward to every class"

"I was apprehensive about joining a gym, always figuring that I would get lost in the crowd & wouldn't be able to keep up with the class. Farrell Fit changed all of that. Chris has been my trainer now for almost a year and I look forward to every class. He keeps the class sizes small & personal. Chris cares about every one of his clients, adapting wherever necessary to meet each persons needs and goals. Overall health is very important at Farrell Fit, it is not just about exercise. The circuits alone would be enough for me but Chris goes beyond that by sending out newsletters with helpful tips and healthy recipes. I highly recommend Farrell Fit."

Review By Adam Climo
"This isn't a "pick things up and put them down" type of gym."

"I've been attending Farrell Fit for nearly 2 years now. My fiancé and I decided this would be the year we take back our fitness. You know the story - used to play a collegiate sport, injury/surgery, "big boy job" and next thing you know, at 28, I'm weaker and heavier than I've ever been.
The first 7 months I lost 45 pounds and I feel great. Farrell Fit was a huge part of this process for me. The classes feel like a team working together towards a common goal. They are structured so that every individual is able to push themselves to their level of fitness. There is no way you'll get this kind of workout, feel as good, or stay as motivated with another generic gym.
I would highly encourage you to self reflect on your goals and where you want to be in regards to your health and fitness. This isn't a "pick things up and put them down" type of gym. It develops real health and real fitness. Give Farrell Fit a chance and I'm sure you'll be as happy as I have been".

About The Fitness Expert
"People don't care what you know, until they know how much you care"
Coach Chris
I want to inspire, educate and transform the city of Cincinnati, one incredibly motivated participant at a time.
I love impacting people more than I even love fitness, I love striving for excellence in the industry and me and my team believe that the impact that fitness can have on ones, relationships, self confidence and character, is unparralleled. 
Fitness books don't teach connection with people, inspiring people or even how to train, experience and a genuine interest in someones life covers all of that and we promise to be with you every step of the way!
 The most important thing to me are my two beautiful daughters and my lovely and supportive wife, Johnna.
My goal for you: To deliver an incredible fitness experience and supply you the tools that will make you healthy and fit for the rest of your life so that you can influence your loved ones to the same!
Most importantly, The  Training system that my team and I have developed, you won't find within a 100 mile radius of Cincinnati.

 Our experience is designed to to deliver great results with the number one goal of long-term safety and sustainability for our clients! 

Cannot wait to meet you!
-Coach Chris
We are a family-owned, fitness studio right down the street from Rookwood shopping centers. We offer Group & Private coaching and have an unparralleled training system that you won't find within a 100 mile radius of Cincinnati!

We focus on manageable class sizes because it is important as fitness coaches to be able to give attention to each individual so that we know their goals, and can ensure a safe and effective experience. 

We would love to be apart of your fitness journey!

Farrell Fit
4424 Floral Avenue,
Cincinnati, OH 45212
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